Sketch like an Architect (PDF Handbook)

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*04/2021 New Updated Versions*

Become better at sketching - learn how to Sketch like an Architect!

Choose your version and read below what it includes:

  • FREE Sample Chapter (25 pages)
  • Full Version (81 pages)
  • Full Version + Feedback
  • Full Version + Online Course
With the Full Version you'll get:

The 80-page PDF Handbook explaining a step-by-step process of how to learn or improve at architectural sketching.

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The Handbook contains chapters focused on:
  • Lines & 2D Objects
  • Basic Perspective Rules
  • Shadows, Textures & Materiality
  • Populating Your Sketch
  • Adding Vegetation
  • Awesome Perspective Sketch

On top of that, it also includes:

  • important and to-the-point Tips & Tricks for each chapter,
  • 15 printable sketching Worksheets for practicing,
  • many finished examples of sketches explaining key techniques,
  • further resources to explore.

Feedback Option:

Select the 'Full Version + Feedback' and you'll get up to 5 of your sketches or drawings personally reviewed by me, together with a valuable written feedback focused on both your strengths and areas of improvement. In relevance to your submitted work, the feedback will be focused on areas such as:

  • composition & focal points,
  • storytelling,
  • scale & depth,
  • line quality, shading & texturing technique,
  • personalized tips & tricks for improvement,
  • your questions, and more...

Online Course Option:
Purchase the Online Course tested and proven by thousands of happy students - you'll get access to 9 video lessons where David walks you through and demonstrates the 6 steps to awesome perspective sketches. You'll be able to ask questions and submit your works to get feedback from David. Check the testimonials from other students and the full info about the online course HERE.

Basic License Agreement:

By purchasing this PDF Handbook you are acquiring a Single Person Use license. If you buy it only YOU are allowed to use it and you may not rent, lease, sublicense, distribute, or lend this PDF Handbook to any other third party.


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Sketch like an Architect (PDF Handbook)

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