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Beginner-to-Advanced PDF BUNDLE

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Get both of my popular PDF Handbooks on sketching in a Bundle and save $16 (30%)!

This Bundle includes (click the links to learn more about them):

The Beginner's Handbook is an easy-to-follow guide covering these 6 steps:

  • Step 01: Lines & 2D Objects
  • Step 02: Basic Perspective Rules
  • Step 03: Shadows, Textures & Materiality
  • Step 04: Populating Your Sketch
  • Step 05: Adding Vegetation
  • Step 06: Awesome Perspective Sketch

The Advanced Techniques Handbook covers these topics:

  • How to put your ideas on paper - and present them in beautiful and understandable way.
  • How to improve your imagination drawing - practice your imagination with provided exercises.
  • You'll master advanced perspective concepts - so you'll be able to show your ideas from any point of view.
  • You'll learn 1-,2-,3-,4-, 5- & Multi-point perspective - you'll learn when and how to use each of these types.
  • How to draw complex forms in perspective - nothing will be too hard to draw anymore.

Basic License Agreement:

By purchasing this PDF Handbook you are acquiring a Single Person Use license. If you buy it only YOU are allowed to use it and you may not rent, lease, sublicense, distribute, or lend this PDF Handbook to any other third party.

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PDF for Beginners (117 pages)
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Beginner-to-Advanced PDF BUNDLE

3 ratings
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